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At Studio Lalou, we believe that humor in design is not a sign of a lack of seriousness, but rather a powerful tool to convey meaningful messages. Through our practice, we have discovered that combining humor with interactive design allows us to reflect on how we engage with our surroundings and interact with the world.

Inspired by Erwin Wurm’s ‘one-minute sculptures,’ our work at Studio Lalou focuses on social design and creating interactive objects and contextual interventions that challenge behavior patterns. We aim to raise awareness about fixed habits and encourage positive change through our designs.

Using simple shapes, tactile materials, and amplified sounds, we stimulate the senses and create alienated objects that pique curiosity and intrigue the audience. Our projects, such as “Uitzakken” in 2021, disrupt seating habits by introducing materials that don’t conform to the context, making people reflect on their behaviors and creating uncertainty.

The context plays a vital role in our design process, as it shapes our approach and allows us to address social issues effectively. By grounding our ideas in specific environments, we make these issues tangible and encourage site-specific behaviors. Our projects often incorporate a touch of humor, adding an extra layer of engagement and enjoyment.

My vision is to establish Studio Lalou as a design studio dedicated to addressing social issues and promoting awareness of our behaviors. We aspire to work on a mix of self-directed projects and collaborations with social change-making organizations. We value the power of multiple perspectives, and we aim to collaborate with other designers to enrich our work.