Perceiving New Unbalance focuses on the empathy gap between doctors and patients when taking the first steps after surgery. It aims to bridge this gap through an interactive installation that visually and tangibly represents the physical and emotional challenges faced by patients.

A project that explores decay and our interaction with the ground beneath us.

Initiating a conversation about the importance and power of ethnic fonts and how as a designers we can help create  a sense of belonging and connection for people of all backgrounds

Chair that is designed to be used as part of the user’s routine and encourage them to sit down and bring attention to their seating habits.

Nature Flying Bye,” addresses the fragmentation of Europe’s nature, which is the most divided in the world. It is a call to reunite nature and reconnect natural environments by dismantling the borders that divide it.

Showcased on this page are a few small projects where I experimented with unknown materials and/or techniques.